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Click to Post a New Message! Post: Posts: 2 Filter by User. Mahindra are they good review Are these tractors any good? Mahindra are they good review I've never heard anyone bad mouth them. They seem to be good value for the price. I do have two questions however. What size HpModel are you interested in? All the best on your search for a tractor.

Mahindra are they good review I have 4 guys here in town know well who have them anywhere from hp and love them. They are very durable and well built. He has had very few repairs on them other thasn normal minor hoses letting go and stuff like that.

If you plan on using it often, you will find any bugs within the 3 year warranty. The only pitfall I can see with them is a mix of engines in them. They are clearly in the same category as the big 3 in my opinion. Like I said, I know first hand from close freinds with machines in the 1, hour range of trouble free use.

Mahindra are they good review I heard they were the 3 Rd. Mahindra are they good review Hmmm, isn't first hand from someone else actually second hand knowledge? And now that you've passed it on it becomes third hand to the recipient.

In my area several branches of a large Deere dealer handle them. That's their answer to a less expensive unit. From what I've seen it is just a Cub-Cadet painted red.

Dash and everything look the same. Love my 27HP Cub Theand are all made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Very Heavy, Powerful, and easy access to everything under the hood. And the 15" wide R4 tires roll over turf with no damage. If there is more tractor for less money than the I haven't found it. Mahindra are they good review Two years ago I bought a with Bradco 11ft hoe.

From New England tractor in Bethel Ct Superb dealer, treated me right and continues to do so even though I recently sold the machine, Can't say enough good about that dealer, the did everything I asked of it.Tractor Talk.

Shop Now. View Cart. Allis Chalmers. Farmall IH. Ford 9N,2N,8N. John Deere. Massey Ferguson. Mahindra Tractors. View previous topic :: View next topic. I know they are foreign, but any feedback on this brand of tractor?

Back to top. They were built from the old International Plant in India Originally. They are of the same quality as the little 4 cyl internationals of that vintage, which was fair. I had some Today I am told they are the number one tractor maker in the world by shipping them world wide. I hear folks say they are mostly good with a bad one every now and then.

I consider them light duty tractors myself and dont buy them as first choice. However they will do well for mowers and light work as well as most. Important thing is where is the nearest dealer for parts support. I have one within 5 miles. Their website lists all of the models they offer. Higher HP now, much more modern than earlier versions. When a dealer opened about 5 miles from me about 10 years ago, the New Holland dealer put up a billboard ad right across the highway from them that dwarfed any billboard around.

Mahindra dealer left putting the next dealer about 90 miles away but now they have dealers all around the state. Or so they claim. I have yet to see one working anywhere. If your a serious tractor used then they are not for you. If you are putting limited hours on a tractor then they maybe right for you.

I have seen worse stuff sold here.Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store.


Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to 10 of Reply With Quote. Re: PTO problems Seems kinda odd that he would put it up for sale with everything not working correctly when he can have it repaired under warranty and not have to explain to a potential buyer why this or that doesnt work.

Re: PTO problems I had the same problem with my 8 month old a couple of times. So far all I had to do was hit the solenoid a few times to get it to operate. I haven't done anything about it yet as long as I can get it to work.

I've read other posts that have mentioned the same problem with the solenoid. Re: PTO problems Chuck Y2K when I first saw the tractor two weeks ago all was working, when I went back to talk price get the price down the PTO was not working after using the tractor with a small square baler, with this pto problem staring him in the face he did drop his pricesince it will be fixed by a dealer and if I buy it, will this pto problem be a chronic repair or just once in a lifetime repair?????????

Re: PTO problems I haven't experienced this yet on mybut I'd sure like to know where the solenoid is. Is it a generic unit easily replaced or does it look propietary? Thanks, Torin. Re: PTO problems Ok, that makes sense. Re: PTO problems The problem most of the time is not the solenoid itself but the spool valve it works when voltage is applied. The end of the spool is completly open on the end so grit can get inside causing the valve not to open.

If your pto does not operate you can get underneath the tractor with it not running of course and simply push in the valve with a small nail or ball point pen.

The valve is easy to locate if you look under the right side floor panel you will see a valve block with hydralic lines connected to itto the rear you will see the solenoid which has two wires attached to it ther will be a plastic nut holding it in place in the center of this nut you can see a steel valve end approx.Log in or Sign up.

When diagnosing an issue, or showing off your tractor or implement, it's important to add images so we all know what you're talking about. Especially when it comes to issues and repairs it's important to include as many images as possible to help our members diagnose your issue. To upload images, use the Upload a FIle button found towards the bottom right of the post response box or a new thread.

Oct 26, 1. Oct 26, 2. Thanks for the post! I hope you get some better results in the future, and hopefully that is all the trouble you have with it!

Oct 26, 3. I have heard about the leaks at the block from the return line This is about the third or fourth such incident that I can recall, and it's always in the same place.

It is as if the manufacturer cut the wrong pitch on the threads, or slightly over-sized on the bore before tapping. Fortunately, I haven't heard of any other complaints about the Mahindra brand. Most owners I've talked with are very happy with their tractors. Good luck, Mark. Feb 10, 4. Hi, I see you are from Washington State, are you in western washington? Being a total novice in tractors, they were very accomodating and took the time to show me how to use the tractor when they delivered it.

If you are close by you might try them DeberosaFeb 10, Feb 2, 5. Mahindra Tractor Nightmare Were do I start?

Brake pedal stuck because no grease fittings exists for brake shaft? Try and replace the battery. Crystal SpringsFeb 2, Jul 25, 6. I have a EDI Mahindra.

Today it was running fine and it suddenly started dieing out and eventually quit. I was cutting grass with a finishing mower. Once it sits for a while it cranks right back up but shortly dies back off. It has hrs and Ive only changed the oil once a year. I think I bought it in 02, new. Could it be the fuel filters?

mahindra tractor pto problems

Jul 5, 7. We bought a new Mahindra a year ago. Almost immediately had problems.Private Seller? Create your ad. Mahindra tractors may be relatively new to the market but they offer an increasingly realistic alternative for price-conscious buyers and small farm operators.

Built in India, Mahindra claims to be among the top three largest tractor manufacturing companies in the world selling sometractors in Dry stock farmer Brian Connolly uses his Mahindra for feeding out, haymaking, cropping, farm race restoration using a blade, and other general farm work.

Compared to its ROPS brother, the cab model has a mm longer wheelbase to better accommodate the German-built cabin. The large cab is unusually wide for this level of tractor. External vision from the fully lined cab was nearly as good as a European tractor, thanks mostly to its seamless full-length windows.

While it has a narrow muffler, the exhaust stack protrudes vertically from the left side of the bonnet, right in your line of forward sight.

A Mahindra goal should be to route it alongside the "A" pillar to catch up with the Europeans. I tend to use the foot throttle while driving but found the main gear stick hit my right leg when in first or third, so the stick should have a "crook" in it to avoid this issue. Another item that could be improved are the mirrors, which could be a bit larger than the mid-sized units fitted.

mahindra tractor pto problems

Looking out the back I was pleased to see an angled low rear window allowing me to see directly down onto the The Mahindra cab tractor uses an NEF 3. This tractor impressed me for how well it held on in the first three gears of middle range.

Naturally the motor quickly died when I attempted it in fourth top gear on a medium incline, so I had to try it on the steeper slope. My final analysis was the 83hp four-cylinder motor held on very nicely at all revs and performed much better than I expected. The 12 forward and 12 reverse speed synchromesh transmission impressed me with superb gear changes going up and down the box. Driving up a medium slope I was able to change gear without stopping in the lower gears. I did, however, have difficulty engaging the middle ratio after a turn in each of the low and high ranges.

The brakes need further bedding in as they were fairly soft underfoot and needed a good push on the lever to stop the kg tractor downhill the way I expected.

Engine Four-cylinder, turbocharged Capacity 3. Find Mahindra tractors for sale.It will mainly be for mowing and some box scraper work. Do all modern compact tractors have the same pto type? Thanks in advance. Russ Eric, The E does not have a live PTO, although it does come equipped with the pto mounted wratchet for over-run of such equipment as a shredder.

This model Mahindra is the only model with the external over-run wratchet, the C, C and have internal over-running clutches. All of the other models of Mahindra have live PTOs.

Mahindra 2538 PTO Functions

Melvin Miller I have a Mahindra, Model with hours on it. When I put the PTO switch in the automatic mode and raise the hydraulics, the dash indicator blinks and when the hydraulics are lowered, it again glows steady. Is there any way I can troubleshoot this problem without having to take it back to the dealer which is over 30 miles away?

The warranty expired 4 days ago. Initially the idle was RPM. Now it is RPM. I purchased the tractor new and it currently has hrs. Will Rose How do you adjust the idle speed on a C Mahindra. You must include your email address above to receive this notification. Rear View Backup Camera. Engines Misc.

How much is your farm tractor worth?

Are these tractors any good?

Find resale prices for tractors built from through today, with complete specifications and serial numbers. I just looked at a Mahindra E on their website and it didn't say what kind of pto it had, live or otherwise. Eric, The E does not have a live PTO, although it does come equipped with the pto mounted wratchet for over-run of such equipment as a shredder.

Melvin Miller. I have a Mahindra, Model with hours on it. Thanks Mel. Will Rose. How do you adjust the idle speed on a C Mahindra.Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search Register.

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mahindra tractor pto problems

Mahindra PTO problems I have had the worst luck with this tractor. Its a Mahindra Gear Cab 4x4. It only has hrs on it and I've already grenaded the rear pinion on it pulling a 6' disc. After 6 long weeks at the dealership in Normangee, TX for repairs, I have had numerous other issues with it.

When that happens, I can lift the unit and it will start turning again until I get back into a load with it. Mind you, when I first got this tractor, the tiller would push the tractor along the ground if it was out of gear.

It no longer does that even on a good day, the PTO just stops turning. Also, when I turn off the yellow electrical switch with the engine running, the PTO shaft will still turn back there and I cant move the PTO lever unless the tractor engine is off. I called the Normangee Mahindra dealer and told them that I think the PTO solenoid may have some trash in it, because the repair guy told me that the fluid and filter had to be changed when the pinion exploded due to all the debris.

After 30 minutes back and forth on the phone with the parts guy and the service guy they determined that my tractor doesn't have a PTO solenoid. I can see the solenoid on the right side of the tractor I think, if that's what it is. They said what I am looking at is the safety switch so the engine wont start unless the PTO is off.

It has a freaking hydraulic hard line going to it!!! Its the solenoid!! What the heck is the deal with Mahindra tractors and dealers? Is it just that one in Normangee, TX? Why does it take so long to get parts? How does a pinion break under hrs? Why does it take 6 weeks to get a tractor repaired? Why don't they know if it has a solenoid on it or not? They sat there and looked at it for six weeks just two months ago, wouldn't they remember seeing if it had a PTO solenoid?

Anyway, there is no way on this planet I will be taking it back there even if it is under warranty. I use it every day for my farm and I can't be without it 6 weeks again.

It has minor other issues, but this PTO problem is driving me beserk! It is a cab tractor and I am thinking of taking off the rear right wheel and investigating the issue by pulling the thing off.